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The Chettah Girls
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the chettah girls

cheetah girls

  Cheetah Girl
Artist: Cheetah Girls

*All Cheetah Girls are created equal, bt we are not alike. We come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, and hail from different cultures. I will not judge others by the color of their spots, but by their character.  Cheetah Girl

*A true Cheetah Girl doesn't spend more time doing her hair than her homework. Hair extensions may be career extensions, but talent and skills will pay my bills. Cheetah Girl

*True Cheetah Girls can achieve without weave--or a wiggle, jiggle, or a giggle. I promise to rely (mostly) on my brains, heart and courage to reach my cheetah-licious potential. Cheetah Girl

*A brave Cheetah Girl isn't afraid to admit when she's scared. I promise to get on my knees and summon the growl power of the Cheetah Girls who came before me--including my mom, my grandmoms, and the Supremes--and ask them to help me be strong. Cheetah Girl

*All Cheetah Girls make mistakes. I promise to admit when I'm wrong and will work to make it right. I'll also say I'm sorry, even when I don't want to. Cheetah Girl

*Grown-ups are not always right, but they are bigger, older, and louder. I will treat my teachers, parents, and people of authority with respect--and expect them to do the same! Cheetah Girl

*True Cheetah Girls don't run with wolves or hang with hyenas. True Cheetahs pick much better friends. I will not try to get other people's approval by acting like a copycat. Cheetah Girl

*To become the Cheetah Girl that only I can be, I promise not to follow anyone else's dreams but my own. No matter how much I quiver, shake, shiver, and quake! Cheetah Girl

*Cheetah Girls were born for adventure. I promise to learn a language a new language and other than my own and travel around the world to meet my fellow Cheetah Girls. Cheetah Girl

(The last part of the oath is pretty much impossible for us, but oh well.) Cheetah Girl

cheetah girls
chettah girls
cheetah girls lyrics
chettah girl lyrics