Gibson Custom Spiderman Guitar w/ Hardcase Replica

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Gibson Custom Spiderman Guitar w/ Hardcase Replica

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Make/Manufacturer: Gibson
Type: 6-string
Colour: Spiderman costom print

Price: € 490

NB* Please allow 10 - 14 days for delivery.

More Details
This guitar is a Gibson custom painted solid body Les Paul replica. It is modelled on Gibson's custom spiderman standard guitar. Built to the same standards and specifications of the original Les Paul but without the enormous price tag. The guitar is built with a maple neck and mahogany body as well as rosewood and ebony for the fretboard. It is a weight relieved solid body instrument due to the holes in the guitar created for the electrics and it weighs around 5kg. This guitar also comes with it's own hard case.

This guitar, again like the original, holds very warm and deep tones due to the thickness of the solid body guitar. You really won't find a better les paul replica out there.

This guitar is ideal for guitar players and aspiring guitar players alike. It is ideal for those who want a Les Paul but don't want to fork out 1,000s simply because it has a Gibson name on it. These guitars are built as good as Gibson. If you're looking for a top quality guitar without breaking the bank, this is the guitar for you.

You won't be able to see how good these guitars truely are without holding one in your hands so buy now!

Extras: Guitar Hardcase, guitar lead.

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