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  Apollo Creed
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Apollo Creed Biography

Apollo Creed first came into existence in October 2003. Alan O' Flynn (Bass), Fink (Drums) and Tom Brady (Guitar) had been playing together for some time and Matthew Quinn (Vocals) had been singing for a long time too.The members stem from two different bands that went their separate ways - The Jive Principle (Tom, Al and Fink) and Mombassa (Matt). With all of the guys being friends, it was only logical that all four got together eventually.

Being such a young band, it is hard to describe the chemistry and the formula behind what we do except to say that all we want to do is have as much fun as possible and write as much exciting music as we can. We are a funk rock outfit but are also limitless in our choices of direction

So far, it would be fair to say that everyone pulls his own weight with Al and Tom coming up with the majority of the music, Fink bring the tunes to life and Matthew knocking out most of the melodies and lyrics.

We have just produced our first demo of three tunes. We intend to play as many gigs as possible, and get the demo to whoever wants to hear it, and maybe some that don't!



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