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The Chase
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  The Chase
The Chase
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  Christine Chong
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  086 2287849
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The Chase Biography

The Chase are a new irish alternative/rock outfit currently carving out a niche for themselves on the Dublin music circuit. They received warm praise in May 06's edition of Connected Magazine and featured as Gig of the Week in Herald AM in August '06 and have been marked by many others as a band to watch. They reached the semi-finals of Pravda's KingKong talent competion in December '06 finishing a close second place only after a third recount! And more recently, The Chase were interviewed live on NearFM on Feb 7th '07.

The beginnings of The Chase date back to 2004 and arose from the ashes of the now defunct Fusion (a band which included The Chase's founding members Joe Pendred and Derek Keegan in it's ranks before imploding after a short run of gigs). The two years following the demise of Fusion saw Joe and Derek regularly recording new songs aswell as re-working older material in marathon nightly sessions under the influence and direction of god only knows what, and the lads aren't telling! But ultimately, these late night sessions bore impressive fruit and culminated in a substantial body of almost 100 songs by mid 2005. Joe and Derek were then joined by Marc MacEodhasa on drums in late 2005 who added his own songs to the band's already sizeable repetoire and resurrected some previous material recorded by Marc & Joe in their younger years, and the band settled as a 4-piece in Nov/Dec 2005 with the final addition of a bass player. With the guys having played together over the years, things quickly gelled and an originals set and some covers were rehearsed in late 2005 / early 2006 before The Chase jumped straight into playing regularly around Dublin from March 2006 onwards.

The band will be embarking on a mini Irish tour in 2007 with shows expected in Belfast, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny and Waterford. And the band will also be venturing further afield with shows planned in Malmo (Sweden), Amdersterdam, Edinburgh, Paris and London. More details to follow as dates are confirmed!!!



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