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Latest Bands added

Karma Parking - blues/funkin/reggae style
Hagglebag - Irish Rock Trad
The Re-offenderz - rock/pop
Iris Wade - Pop
Disco Fever - Pop
Pick up the pieces - Wedding/ Tribute
Liz Is Evil - punk/alternative
The Chase - Rock/Alternative/Indie
Blacklist - Alternative, punk, rock
Revival TV - Rock, Grunge, Alternative

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Latest Gigs added

Jukebox Annie + Crown of Babel live @ Eamonn Dorans
The Chaos live @ Ballyknockan Inn
Silver Lizard live @ Ballyknockan Inn
Tributes live @ Ballyknockan Inn
Death Threat live @ Ballyknockan Inn
Paul Keogh Band live @ Ballyknockan Inn
Black Pearl live @ Ballyknockan Inn
Jeckel live @ Ballyknockan Inn
Full Mental Jacket live @ Ballyknockan Inn
Aimon live @ Ballyknockan Inn

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Zahnarzt Biesdorf

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FastLane Recording Studio
Island View House accommodation
Ringtone rampage
Real UK Music
Slow Motion Getaway PROPER
Muso Studio
Slow Motion Getaway Band Site
IMG Music Promotions Inc.
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Irish bands is a tool for unsigned bands to promote their music, gigs, merchandise and art to the world. The site is intended to be used and abused as you see fit. All we ask is that you respect other users, whether on the message boards, the band's section or anywhere else.

We've got a place for you to add your news, your gigs, your band profile, your mp3's/ music or post messages about ANYTHING you want. If you have or had a problem adding a listing, simply email me at and I'll sort it out for you as quick as I can.
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Irish Bands offers each band a profile. We are a young site and the moment we can host your images but as time goes on we will be able to host all your band has to offer. This is tantamount to cheap web hosting. With this cheap web hosting you can bring your music, art, images, music + more to the world.

But Irish bands isn't just for bands/ artists. We also have listings for promoters, record labels, recording studios + more to come.

There is no such thing as *Spam* on Irish bands, the site is set up to take all of your ranting and your advertising. But we ask that you post the right spam in the right place ;0)

Use Irish Bands like a friendship bracelet, how do you use a friendship bracelet? Why am I even talking about friendship bracelets? Who knows ;0) the important thing is that friendship bracelets have no relevance on a site like this. Friendship bracelets should be left for the friendship bracelet web sites that no one has probably ever visited. This is a site about rockbands, popbands, metal bands, emo bands and bands of other genres and the exposure of their and your music.

In the near future we hope to set up gigs for bands on the site. We'll take photos of the gigs and put them on the photos page, we'll take short videos and put them up on the home page. If you have any more ideas on this email me. If you'd like to help out in any way, shape or form, email me.

Even though Irish bands sounds like a web site for Irish music exclusively, it's an internationalist web site and we cater for any unsigned band/ musician, anywhere in the world, who wants to be a part of the unsigned music community.

Remember, this is YOUR web site, So tell your mates and let's build the community together.
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Take a look at our Band Advice page (not just for Irish bands) for articles on how to get ahead in the business. The page has only recenty got going but there will be more and more articles there as we get them. We are searching for the most useful and interesting articles for you so hopfully you'll learn something that you didn't know before and learn more about Unsigned band resources, download free mp3.


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Irish Bands F.A.Q.:
1. What do I have to do to get my band listed on the site?
A. Go to . Fill in the form and click 'add band'. You band will automatically be listed on the site! The same goes for gigs, mp3s or anything else on the site.

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MySpace Backgrounds

2. What happens if I mess up my listing, or add the wrong information into it?
A. Simply email me at and I'll sort it out as quick as I can.

If you have any more questions, post them up on the message board and I'll answer them.

Kevin @

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